Why Desire Adventures

What makes us different from other agents?

Planning a holiday for you is a great pleasure for us. There are more than thousands of travel agencies in Nepal; however, customers choose to work with us for:

Exceptional Product Knowledge: Amongst our most valued asset, is our knowledge about the products we offer/sell. To maintain and add-on to this knowledge, our destination specialists travel extensively, conducting frequent site inspection and gathering first-hand experience/information on every destination, activity and service we recommend to our valued clients. Therefore, we not only claim to know the ins and outs of what we are selling, but also claim to offer the most unique and exclusive itineraries to help you enjoy our vacation to the fullest.  

24x7x365 Days Support: Our definition of ‘Good Service’ is fast and accurate response. Contact us via phone, fax, email, or web, anytime of the day, week, month or year with your queries. Our professional travel consultants ensure that your enquiries are replied, solutions are provided and problems are solved as promptly as possible (mostly within 2-3 hours, or by 24 hours at the latest); before, during and even after the trip.

Fair Price and Service Quality Guaranteed: With thousands of agencies offering thousand different rates, finding the best value trip package can become very confusing. Therefore, we stand for best value deals at market leading prices, allowing customers to quickly find the options that meet their requirements, without negotiation. We guarantee best possible experience within your spending plan. All enquiries will be treated with transparency and honesty. NO DODGY DEALS! NO HIDDEN CHARGES!       

Guaranteed Departure on each booking: Except in the occurrence of natural disasters, or other parallel unsettling events (usually those beyond our control), all guaranteed departure will 100% run on the scheduled day. Even the lack of participation does not lead to the cancellation of the trip (if it’s a guaranteed departure); therefore, you can book your trip with confidence.

Attention to detail: Small details have full potential to make a big difference to your holiday. Therefore, while designing your trip we listen to your ideas, discuss the options and help you select the best solution to fit your requirements. Moreover, we work out the minutest details to ensure that your holiday is completely hassle-free. Our project manager will constantly be in touch with you for the entire duration of the trip to make sure the trip runs smoothly, without any disruption. For emergencies, we have 24x7 helpline service. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from other comparable companies and makes us truly original, therefore, to maintain this reputation, we make sure that no stone is left unturned, when it comes to providing the best customer service and holiday experience.

100% Financial security and privacy: Ensuring 100% financial security and privacy is our topmost priority. For this we offer secure transaction medium to help you make the payments, guaranteeing 100% financial security on all payments made to the company. Not just the payments, but we also ensure to protect your confidential information and maintain privacy. The only purpose of collecting your personal information is to provide travel service to you, therefore, we make sure the information is used for the same purpose only. We also guarantee to protect your personal and credit card details against all non-authorized uses. Once you’ve booked your trip with us, you can enjoy overall financial safety. Rest assured that your trip is in safe hands and the payments made are fully protected.  


Experienced local company: Although it’s a newly established company, the team comprises of experts, who have spent many years serving the tourism industry of Nepal. This company, based in Kathmandu, prides on its ability to transform any trip into a lifetime memory. It’s the experience that allows the staffs (both onsite and offsite) to provide the best in terms of the products, services and the rates.

Good relation with partner companies and service providers: We have partnered with very reliable and leading service providers in Nepal. We have also maintained a very pleasant relationship with these service providers. This special relationship enables us to offer our clients the best available services, unique experience and high-quality on-the-house facilities.     

Ultra-personalized itinerary and Unmatched Flexibility: Every client has different needs and requirements.  Therefore, keeping this in mind, every holiday is tailor-made to meet the exact needs and taste of every individual customer. We will keep tweaking and adjusting the details of the itinerary until it matches your exact requirements. The whole idea is to hone it to perfection to give you the best experience. You can also enjoy maximum flexibility, while designing your itinerary.  

Cater to sophisticated and luxury travelers: The company has all the means to make the best arrangements for travelers looking for the combination of comfort and authenticity in preferred destinations. Your need to travel in style and comfort will always be fulfilled.

Passionate and dedicated to quality: Both, our on-site and off-site team are dedicated to building long term relationship with customers, rather than one-season business. Therefore, every member of the team is dedicated to providing the best from their end.  

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